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Realize your true potential and live a better life.

Experience success & abundance.

Let go of your struggles and step into your Divine flow.

        Soul Therapy helps you . . .

- Transform limiting patterns and memories by your cells, your emotions, your mind, and your soul.

- Release the negative memory patterns, and replace them with new, expanded, positive belief patterns that immediately begin to manifest positively in your life.

- Access the infinite positive potential within your Divine Cosmic Soul, so that you can manifest your intrinsic excellent qualities in your life.  

Does life feel like a struggle? Do you feel that you can't seem to move forward? Do you feel that you are not using your full potential? Do you feel out of sorts? Do you feel that you have not tapped into your true potential? Do you keep praying for change? Do you keep praying for balance in all aspects of you life?


You are ready for Change, for Infinite Possibilities,

and multi-dimensional transformation!

Our accumulated experiences in this and other lifetimes exist as patterns in our energy field. These patterns will express themselves through our body, mind and spirit. This affects our thinking, how we feel about ourselves, and even our understandings about reality.

We will work together to clear the limiting and disharmonious beliefs and the distorted patterns locked deep within the body, mind and soul.

You can access the unlimited memories held within your DNA, within your body cells and in your soul. You can then fully release the memory sources and replace them with new, expanded beliefs, which immediately begin to manifest positively in your life.


You will replace negative aspects with new Divinely-aligned patterns that will allow you to let go of blocks, pain, ailments, distress, lack of purpose, and struggle in your life. You will actually sense your paradigms shifting deep within as you align with your true self.

The radiant presence of your higher potential will emerge within you.

Soul Memory Discovery, Theta Healing, and Sat Nam Rasayan, will assist you in transforming negative and destructive patterns, in replacing limiting beliefs, and allowing new empowerment in your life.  along with personal tools discovered over the years of practice.

These energy healing technologies, with personal tools discovered

over the years of practice, will help generate real change in your life.

During a session you are fully alert and aware, and you are a full participant. Having you actively participate in the transformations, empowers you even more, and allows you to discover ways to work on yourself.

The process is safe, uplifting, empowering, immediately effective, and the changes that take place will offer you a profound new experience in life.

Sessions are in person or over the phone. Sessions last typically for 1 hour. I do however often offer a first session of 1 1/2 hours at a reduced price. The extra time allows enough time for you to share about the different issues you wish to work on.

Longer sessions are also available.